There’s a Place for That!

I’ve been so busy, I’m weeks late with following up on a post my colleague and I put together and published on the blog of the firm she works for!  Busy is good, but work can be SO distracting.

Morayma Salas, a client, personal friend, former coworker, and fellow Denver Chapter CSI member, came up with the idea for this article and did most of the surveying of construction professionals, and then I wrote it.

Here’s the ending of our article: “Architects are often extremely creative people who like to do things their own way.  However, following the rules about placement of information doesn’t take creativity away from the design process.  Following the rules actually frees up more time to be creative with the things that should be part of the design process.  So don’t waste your time getting creative with naming parts of your specs or placement of information!  Follow CSI’s standards for locating information and apply the time you save to the design your projects.”

Here’s a link to the whole post, “Architects, There’s a Place for That: SectionFormat & PageFormat,” on the Hutton Architecture Studio Blog:   





2 thoughts on “There’s a Place for That!

  1. One other thing that might also be mentioned with the use of SectionFormat is that the use of “streamlined language” also makes specifications easier to read. If the beginning words of a paragraph or sub-paragraph are the subject of the paragraph followed by a colon (:), subjects stand out and are easier to find in addition to elminating a couple of words (shall be) at each locataion. The more subjects stand out and the fewer number of words you have to read to find the information you are looking for, the quicker and easier it is and the more likely the specifications are actually going to be read.

    • Thanks, Bob! Good point.

      I’ve seen some awfully flowery language issued in addenda when the project architects – who didn’t originally write the specs – start modifying the specs through addenda!

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