Contracts, and My Hope for the Day

I hope that today is the last day in my life that an architect-client of mine tells me that the Contractor will not be providing the project record documents required by the project specifications because the requirement to provide record documents “is not in their Contract.”

Remember, per AIA Document A201-2007, (which is the General Conditions of the Contract that I most frequently work with) the Contract Documents “consist of the Agreement, Conditions of the Contract (General, Supplementary and other Conditions), Drawings, Specifications, Addenda issued prior to execution of the Contract, other documents listed in the Agreement and Modifications issued after execution of the Contract.”  Specifications are part of the contract.

For more of the basics like this, check out my informational website,

To better days!

2 thoughts on “Contracts, and My Hope for the Day

  1. Good One, Liz!
    Here’s a toast to the beginning of your ‘Better Days!’
    From my (the general contractor’s) viewpoint; of course, this is already a given.
    I trust you will be enjoying the Labor Day weekend!

  2. A201 is a greatly under-appreciated document. Check out paragraph 3.11 DOCUMENTS AND SAMPLES AT THE SITE, which requires at least a minimal set of record documents.

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