Improper use of the word “architect”

The media is misusing the word “architect” again.  See the text of my Letter to the Editor of the Denver Post, below:

In the April 18, 2010 Denver Post article “Off the Grid,” the Post referred to Mr. Wayne Snider, the town manager of Fowler, as “architect of the project.”  Mr. Snider is not an architect.

Colorado law defines an architect as “a person licensed… and entitled thereby to conduct a practice of architecture in the state of Colorado.”  An architect is licensed by the State to perform the professional services of planning and design of buildings, preparation of construction contract documents including working drawings and specifications for the construction of buildings, and the observation of construction. 

The casual, improper use of the word “architect” dilutes the meaning of the word and misleads readers.  Please do not use the word “architect” to describe people who are not architects.

Liz O’Sullivan, AIA

One thought on “Improper use of the word “architect”

  1. With regard to the “new” project delivery systems:
    An architectrual materials salesman, after giveing a materials presentation at the Phoenix Reference Library said to me, “They are making me the designer, I am not an architect. Who made me the designer?” What is he suspose to do? Tell the CM, the Contractor, or whoever is asking him to violate the law and do what he is neiyher licenced nor qualified to do? “I do not want your business.”

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